Bouassa or Boassa, depending on where you are, is a small village in the bush. At least it was until not so long ago. But like elsewhere in Africa, the big city is trying to swallow it up. But it remains to be a small village despite the fast approaching city. The red dirt road divides it in half down the middle. When large trucks drive over the bumpy road which is formed by strong and heavy rains, a thick cloud of dust hides the houses until it settles. While tirelessly the small traders who have set up their stands along the road, dust off the fruits and vegetables, pottery or metal parts from the blacksmith.


In the village, there are many small shops. There are those that sell building materials – some shovels with handles that have been cut from a tree, pickaxes and nails and where the inventory is done. There are those who manufacture and sell bricks on the roadside. Traditional bricks are found there, sun baked dirt bricks, but also those made with cement at the cement factory of Faso. Next door there is the local bar where every day you can find grilled meat. These bars are more or less restaurant and bars. Everyday people go there to talk about life. We hide our faces with our sleeve every time a truck passes.



Under the straw hut, there is a potter that stacks his rustic creations. But there, right now, we do not come to buy from him because he sleeps behind his pottery … In many places women have shops as well. One sells salt, sugar and flour, all in small plastic bags. Others sell tomato paste cans, some sell sardines in oil from Libya (although usually very old!), And others sell candy and other sweets. Fatou, in turn, sells beautiful yellow peppers, red, and green. Some also zucchini, peanuts and above all, the most important item in Burkinabe cooking, the Maggi cube!



Everywhere along the road under the scorching heat, little children sleep lying on the ground in the shade of a wooden table or a small makeshift shelter beside poor starving dogs. Only pigs remain active under the sun, always in search of garbage to rummage!


Everyone is busy; many take their old retired bikes to get to the city. Others are rich enough to ride a bike “made in China”. We meet, bump into each other inadvertently, we discuss, we shout, we laugh and laugh again. Because in the village you should know laughing at everything, is a better way to live. At the kindergarten, just after the flag is raised, children, line up, one after another, heading back to school under the watchful eye of the teacher. They will spend the entire morning, more than 60 children in the small dusty classroom, squeezing 4 or 5 on desks made for two. But they learn and are proud to pass on the mystery of the letters and numbers in turn to their parents.

This is how Bouassa, a bush village is found, just like many throughout the African continent.

But we still believe…


We believe people, not water, can change everything! When you sponsor Well Drilling Project in Burkina Faso, Africa you’ll unlock the potential of an entire community!