Boxes and Gifts

Recently, thanks to an American charitable organization and our local partner and NGO our friends in Bouassa received boxes. Many boxes. A first batch of 32 of these boxes, contained bags of rice. Another batch contained 200 Christmas gift packs!   Even if the Christmas celebrations have long passed, every week, a small group of [...]

So, what do we do now?

During a phone conversation with Séraphin Guigma, the pastor of the protestant parish of Bouassa, our local friend and partner with these projects, he recently explained a problem that he has been facing, and consequently, we too are now facing. In fact, we are somehow a victim of our success in the village! Let me [...]

Eye to Eye

This could be the slogan of a promotional campaign for an ophthalmologist or an optician. And that's the case! In fact, at the beginning of February, the small Protestant parish of Bouassa organized free eye exams for the people in Bouassa. In an improvised hangar (made with sheets that had been torn off during a [...]

Happy New Year 2018!

On behalf of the Protestant Parish of Bouassa, we wish you a Happy New Year 2018! We sincerely hope that this year marks the beginning of the pigsty project. The works have unfortunately not restarted due to lack of funding. But we are working on it! In fact, we are in contact with a Foundation [...]


My colleague just returned from Burkina Faso where he went to see how things were progressing on the pigsty project. So, I am able to give you all news ... hot off the presses! The rainy season has come and gone and already the heat is rising considerably. He enjoyed spending time with the pastor [...]

..and we keep on keepin’ on!

Despite the summer months and the rainy season in Burkina, the work on the pigsty has made tremendous progress in Bouassa!   A few more weeks and the pigsty will be ready to welcome its new “residents!” We hope to be able to make the trip to Bouassa for the inauguration ... However, the funds [...]

things are buzzing with life

It is always a source of joy when construction starts. Even though the walls have not yet emerged from the ground, things are becoming tangible and we can imagine what the pigsty will look like in a few months when the first pigs arrive and some young people begin their training. This enthusiasm is shared [...]

Work begins!

It took time, a lot of time... as things do we when you work with the administrations. Finally, Séraphin was able to cash the check from the Belgian foundation which is financing the pigsty project. Then we had to look for a plot of land. Again, it was not easy! Most landowners, if they are [...]

Some news and some ideas

"The good news": the pigsty project has been funded and the finances should reach Burkina in the next few days! What an amazing step forward in the overall development initiative for the village of Bouassa. We are truly grateful to the Belgian non-profit organization that has gotten behind what we are trying to accomplish. Over [...]


If last week we did not have much to say about what is happening in Bouassa…today, we have a little more news... Séraphin Guigma, the head of the Rehoboth non-profit, and partner of the Bouassa project, as well pastor of the small Protestant parish in Bouassa, explained that despite the fact that funds for the [...]