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The cost of water in food

Water Needed to Produce the food that we take for granted:

Glass of milk 200 liters (6,800 oz)
Cup of Coffee 140 liters (4,800 oz)
Bag of Chips 185 liters (6,300 oz)
Slice of Bread 40 liters (1,350 oz)
Egg 135 liters (4,600 oz)
Apple 70 liters (24,00 oz)
Hamburger 2,400 liters !! (81,153 oz!!)

Water Foot Print

RELIEVING HUNGER IN AFRICA BEGINS WITH ACCESS TO CLEAN WATER. It may seem simple, but we forget that without access to a reliable source of water, food is difficult to grow and even more difficult to preserve and prepare.

It takes several liters of water to grow food. Just think, globally we use 70% of our water sources for agriculture and irrigation, and only 10% on domestic uses.

Water is primary substance to relieving hunger in the developing world. 84% of people who don’t have access to improved water, also live in rural areas, where they live principally through “subsistence agriculture”. Sometimes, areas that experience a lack of water suffer because of poor water management, but more often it is a relatively simple economic issue that can be addressed. This is the difference between physical and economic scarcity.

The Rural-Urban divide
In Africa, people in urban areas are twice as likely as people in rural areas to have clean, safe water. Another way that we see the urban-rural divide is in sanitation. While rural areas often have less access to sanitation facilities, in Africa the situation is very poor. Only 24% of the rural population and 44% of the urban population have access to sanitation facilities. This means that less than 1 in 3 people in Africa have access to a proper toilet.

A simple investment in a clean, safe source of water can have a huge impact on both crop production and the nutrition of a community. In fact, one of the most encouraging things we find when we return to sites where wells have been installed is the many small gardens that have sprung up all around!!


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