Once we have decided on a particular district, Well Drilling Project in Burkina Faso leaders meet with the provincial government and the local district administration to get permits to drill in the area.

35 From left Pastor Faithfull, Etienne, Mayor and First counsellor

Well Drilling Project in Burkina Faso then visits potential villages in that district, meeting with the local chiefs and gathering information on their populations and current access to water, as well as assessing likely drilling sites in each village. After this, a report is prepared detailing the neediest villages in the district that would benefit from a well.

Geophysical surveys are then conducted in each of the identified villages to help determine the likelihood of finding subsurface water, and a report prepared. On the basis of this survey report, a final list of the district’s villages in which wells are to be drilled is drawn up and is presented to the local district administration for approval.

Only after we follow this extensive process are we able to commence drilling!

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