The Well drilling project in the village of Bouassa is growing! The more we move forward in the development of the project in the poor neighborhood of Bouassa the more we see our long term vision increasing. That might seem obvious, you might say, but it was still necessary that we begin to “see further” in regards to our contribution to the population of the village.



Recently, for example, we met a specialist in setting up latrines in emerging nations. I had no idea what that was! It is not just about building a small foundation on top of a hole, but the approach first raises awareness about public health issues related to a lack of sanitation. 80% of the population in Burkina does not have access to latrines and eliminate openly, near houses and in public. Offering latrine construction is not only a health necessity, but imposes a drastic change of habit for users. Also, in the Phase 1 drilling project, we added a week of training for a few people who will be responsible for diagnostic work with the public and raising awareness. Once done, then we will consider not limiting ourselves to collective latrines, but also to private latrines in backyards.
Furthermore, urine and excreta of these latrines will be used in agriculture and replace the extremely expensive chemical products purchased in Burkina Faso. A person will be trained for this waste treatment and will be employed full-time, self-financed by the resale of the products obtained.
In fact, access to clean water opens perspectives impossible without it. The drilling project becomes a clear sustainable development project with the key to the creation of a dozen jobs, a real improvement in the living conditions of the population, an agricultural project, a poultry breeding project, etc.



As you can see, water is life and it’s the future!
We believe people, not water, can change everything! When you sponsor Well Drilling Project in Burkina Faso, Africa you’ll unlock the potential of an entire community