As you know, the news from around the world has spoken a lot these last days about a sudden revolution that has swept Burkina Faso. Within hours, the country’s president, that had been in office for the last 27 years, found himself forced to resign. Imagine: nearly 60% of the population has never known any other president!


The Burkinabe have given their lives for this change and have quickly seen things take an interesting and positive turn. The Sunday following the revolution the entire population of the capital, Ouagadougou, was found in the streets, cleaning the city of graffiti and aftermath left by the demonstrations.

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A transitional government was formed by the army. Lieutenant-Colonel Zida assuming, remarkably, the interim presidential responsibilities has now passed on his responsibilities to a civilian. In the two past weeks since the citizen’s uprising, a Transition Charter was written, accepted and approved unanimously by the various actors present. These representatives are of all political parties, trade unions, traditional leaders, religious groups and civil society organizations. Quite an outstanding feat in such a short period of time! From the 19th of this month, an interim president was appointed by the same transitional assembly. The interim president, as well as the government that is being formed and the assembly of the representatives, cannot run in the democratic elections that will be held in November 2015. This “safe-guard” was put in place to avoid anyone from pursuing any hidden agendas in regards to a political career.


What has happened in Burkina Faso these last 3 weeks is recognized and respected today on the African continent as a model for all African nations. Politicians realized that the people were able to create an uprising without any party or religious group needing to mobilize them, and now weeks lately, the virtues of justice and integrity remain and are monitored closely. Burkina Faso, whose name means “land of the upright/honest people “(Pays des hommes intègres) would it be that again Burkina Faso is becoming an example of integrity?


Time will tell. In any case, it seems that a wind of responsibility, seriousness and vitality is blowing across the nation. We believe that it will really help our cause for the Bouassa well drilling project. Nothing has been questioned; however, the institutions that have welcomed our ideas are even more openly waiting for us in this village!

There is still time to mobilize to give to this project! Water remains a major challenge, revolution or not, uprising or not … And we sincerely believe that there is a

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