In Africa, children smile. After the first inquisitive glance, sometimes a little frightened, all you need to do is gently reach out your hand and their faces light up.

Smiling Burkinabé 1The smiles of the children are like a reward for the day, it’s a bit of sunshine from the continent. Not the one that burns everything, but of the dawn that awakens the new day. Yet the lives of children, and those of Bouassa in particular, are not easy and they all realize that things could be different if they could go to school more often, if they had a full tummy more often or if they did not have to run to the water pump early in the morning to fill the heavy water containers. But still, as if life was too short for them to not laugh, children take advantage of every moment to play, even the times when they fetch water. On the way to get to the water, everything is a pretext for playful shoving, races and other fun. Filling the containers is a refreshing game, they splash each other and they fight over who will use the heavy hand pump. Of course, adults often tell them to not to waste this precious water, but as they are only children and since the water is so much fun, they enjoy life to the fullest! On the way back with the filled plastic jugs on their heads, the first one back home… wins!

Smiling Burkinabé 2Of course, like all children, children in Africa cry also. But perhaps they cry less often? As their existence is often complicated and made up of very little, their laughter is a way to live easier and to accept the very little they have. Laughter is perhaps a way to tell this life, one day they will make it better, especially if a well is dug in the neighborhood. It is a way of saying, just loud enough to be convinced, “it’ll be alight” or “yelkabé” in Mooré.


And that is why the smile of a child is always a little promise and that is why we believe…


There is a Solution:

We believe people, not water, can change everything! When you sponsor
Well Drilling Project in Burkina Faso, Africa you’ll unlock the potential of an entire community! #Burkina