The check that we recently spoke about from a foundation finally arrived last Wednesday! In other words, we can now begin the drilling.

We can’t start today because today is the feast of Eid in Burkina which is a holiday, but tomorrow, the drilling company will take the first geological samplings with a tool that detects the best locations to dig. From a technical point of view, there are only 3 chances or digs possible. Beyond that, if no water is found, the drilling would be stopped … So let’s hope that the first dig will be positive one!!!

its startingDigging, strictly speaking should begin Monday. But that will depend if there is heavy rain or not, which is happening a lot lately and which will prevent them to work as it will be too muddy. So, from next week on, the digging work will last about 2 weeks. They will need to drill until they find a large body of water large enough to supply fresh water to the population in the area. Then they will install the hand pump, build a concrete shed, conduct analyses on the water, set up the village pump management committee, train the maintenance person, etc... There is work ahead! It will probably be September before this is completed.

Then we will have an official inauguration where we will invite the administrative and traditional authorities of Bouassa. Then, the water will be available to residents.

its starting1But this will not be the end of the project!!
Far from it! We will continue fund raising for the sustainable development aspects: building chicken coops, creating vegetable gardens, training people in the management of latrines that will be built in order that excreta can be processed and used in the vegetable garden and much more!!! And at the same time we will continue to support the street children, by providing meals, not monthly as until now, but weekly and hopefully daily, if we can.

In short, the Bouassa project is far from complete. And once it is all done, we will not stop there, we intend to duplicate this project in other districts or in other villages of Burkina!
So thank you for continuing to read us and to support the drilling project to Bouassa!

We still believe…
We believe people, not water, can change everything! When you sponsor
Well Drilling Project in Burkina Faso, Africa you’ll unlock the potential of an entire community! #Burkina