He is actually not very old, but he is still an old leader. He was made aware of our arrival. We parked the car under a huge Shea tree with us is Pastor Gustave, we are approaching a small “Apatam” – a straw shelter – underneath is the old man, and two of the dignitaries of the village.

His home is actually a multitude of small huts that are connected by a freshly renovated adobe wall. In the front, there is a small door that can only be crossed on your knees. Next to this front door is a ‘fetiche’ or a voodoo type doll of the village and the old man is the mediator of the village, as well. This ‘fetiche’ is the form of lying zebu woman made out of terracotta and at the foot of this woman is a small wooden altar with stained feathers of bloody poultry.

The old man sees us approaching and does not move from his seat. Sometimes it’s nice to be a leader! We are seated on a wooden bench then finally we begin the greetings. Handshakes are exchanged, punctuated by a discreet “Barka”(meaning thank you in the Mossi language) as in gratitude for the interest he pays towards our families, our work in the village, the ancestors and to all that can have any interest in the old man.

He is dressed conservatively, wears a shirt that was white at one time. We are told he speaks and understands French, but we will share and converse in the local vernacular translated by Séraphin. We explain our drilling project and latrines in the neighborhood, next to the new small market. He does not say a word and did not even seem to really listen, chasing some inopportune flies with a weary gesture. The explanation ends. A silence settled. Finally, the old man that is not that old, speaks and we realize that he hasn’t missed anything from our communication. He warmly thanked us for our initiative, explains how many suffer from lack of water in the village and how he is seeking help for another project dear to his heart … He explains to us about the dam near Bouassa that would allow water for food crops, but alas, he explains, a politician has diverted funds for the dam to be built in his constituency. Sadly, the old man asks us to keep this idea in our heart.


No doubt a project to follow the one we want to accomplish first!

We still believe…



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