Just wanted to share a few words about our strategy that you will probably find helpful! For all intents and purposes, Phase 1 of the Bouassa water drilling project is complete!!! Although we didn’t raise the full € 34,000 that we aimed for, we did raise roughly € 20,000 that went to setting up the hand pump which is now changing the lives of the residents of the neighborhood of Bouassa. What we had initially planned for in first phase will be carried over onto Phase 2. For this second fund raising campaign, the goal is not only the construction of the water tower, but also latrines that are designed for the recovery of excreta, the formation of a pilot group for the sustainable management of access to water and sanitation, the creation of a vegetable garden for women and children. The more extensive budget for Phase 2 also includes a few trips locally to Burkina to follow up on the project, the acquisition of two donkeys and two carts that will carry the excreta to the treatment center before being used as inputs in the vegetable garden.


We will try to avoid this!!!!

Many people have asked us why our strategy of setting up a water-well costs so much when you normally it costs between € 8,000 and € 16,000 (for drilling, pump, analysis, etc. ). Plus a few local trips for project follow-up. Our territorial approach to sustainable development is long term and on the ultimate goal is the autonomy of the people we assist. In other words, access to water does not seem to be enough if we do not seek solutions to sanitation problems nor the economic problems of the poorest families. So our strategy is to work with a pilot group, to implement actions to be undertaken in the field, who will then demonstrate the benefit of these actions for the general population. The pilot group becomes the vision carriers and thus shares their knowledge to take the project further.
All of that to say, our commitment to this village in Burkina Faso is not complete until we know for sure that enough people have adopted the new practices and by their lifestyle, convey a message of hope to their fellow citizens.

If you want to help us raise funds for this Phase 2, DON’T WAIT, reach out to use today!

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