The evening is still warm as the sky quickly fades and soon welcomes a fresh breeze that surrounds the village. The north wind is still blowing at this time, it is called the Harmattan, and it carries with it many diseases, so we must take shelter for the night! But for now, everyone prepares feverishly for the festivities. A mother takes out the most beautiful clothes for her family. A large basin with clear water which was filled from a 20 liter (5 gallon) plastic jug, that the eldest of the family filled when he went to pump and with which the youngest were vigorously washed by their older sisters.


We must act quickly because soon the service will start at the at the Protestant Church and Mass at the catholic Church will begin. The old Christians of the village found old dusty Bibles and made their way by foot or by bike to a building where the make-shift bell is already ringing when an elder hits an old car rim suspended from a tree. It’s Christmas Eve and everyone must be involved. Tomorrow morning, the whole family will get up very early, around 4:00 a.m., to prepare plenty of food. Food, that will be shared later in the morning, with the neighbors, but also with all the visitors who come to wish a Merry Christmas. The visits will last all day, it will be festive, we will greet, we will laugh and we will wish each other only the best things for the New Year that will soon come. Even children will go from yard to yard asking for pennies and that will be their only gift this year and every year. On this day, we will not think too much about the difficulties of life, we will not think about the hard work in the fields, or school, or to the fact that there is no future. It’s Christmas, it’s the most beautiful time of year, and for many the only annual festival. So we have to do everything we can to make it a wonderful memory. And who knows, next year, in Bouassa, we can also rejoice that a Water Tower was built and beautiful latrines are available right next to the market place?

Meanwhile, the residents of Bouassa wish you very happy holidays. That they may be full of laughing and sharing, because ultimately, that’s the most important part … once we have water!

Because we still believe…


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