Just a quick note to say things are well on their way! Many of you have already seen the recent pics and videos on Facebook! And many of you are asking “so, is it over?? “What’s next?” “Is the water in the pictures drinkable?”

“What’s next” is a great question!

First of all, to bring you up to speed, as we had mentioned in the last update, we had 3 chances to strike water! Well the FIRST borehole was the right one! Not only that; the quantities that have been uncovered are remarkable! The drilling team said that they are very pleasantly surprised by how much water is there! For the moment they have recorded 6m3 / hour of potential water to be recovered! (Roughly 1600 gallons/ hour) So much water that we are considering potentially building a water tower and not JUST a hand pump!

11249091_408817505979110_1500085339084772828_nWhat’s next?

As we continue to look at all the possibilities in front of us, we are considering approaching a few more foundations and continuing our fund raising to build a water tower. With our without the water tower, there are still a few steps in front of us before the water pump will be ready.

Here is a simplified check list:

  1. Water Analysis- this was done today. And the results are very good!
  2. Fitting the borehole with proper water piping
  3. Pouring the concrete slab – this begins today!!
  4. Installing the hand pump
  5. Build the fence
  6. Planting trees
  7. Train the maintenance person

But don’t forget this can ONLY be the beginning… if not, this water pump has the possibly of becoming like thousands of other water pumps in Africa, and like a few in Bouassa already, that break down and are abandoned due to a lack of finances. These projects must be SUSTAINABLE!

We have enough finances, for the time being, to consider erecting a fence and to start planting some fruit trees. So besides the fencing that needs to be erected in September, and the maintenance person that needs to be trained, the aspects that will ensure the sustainability of this project will be: building chicken coops, creating vegetable gardens, training people in the management of latrines that will be built in order that excreta can be processed and used in the vegetable garden and much more!!! And of course, as planned, we will continue to follow up on street children.

In short, the Bouassa project is far from complete. And once it is all done, we will not stop there, we intend to multiply this project!

Because we still believe…

We believe people, not water, can change everything! When you sponsor
Well Drilling Project in Burkina Faso, Africa you’ll unlock the potential of an entire community! #Burkina

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