It’s moving in and knocking on Bouassa’s door… and it’s a good thing for the inhabitants of the neighborhood of Kougpélin.

Nuage de poussière précédant la pluie sur la route de Wankama au Niger.

It’s hot and humid, the atmosphere is full of an invisible energy, the animals are restless, the dogs growl and the birds fly low. On the horizon, the sky is dark, huge gray-blue clouds climb high in the sky, lightning rends the darkness. Suddenly, unexpectedly, the wind picks up, violently, whirling. The black sky gives way to a huge chestnut color wave that sweeps across the village. The sandstorm inundates everything, everyone is blinded, it crushes the life with its violent breath. Unable to breathe, to cope. We must take refuge as quickly as possible in a shop or under a straw hut.


Then, just as suddenly, the wave has moved on and huge drops of water bountifully fall noisily on the iron rooftops. Finally, a curtain of water that strikes the deserted village. One hour, two hours, the tropical rain continues to cling to Bouassa and does not let up for a moment. Streams widen on the parched earth and street waste rush to pile up under the palm trees. The old dam fills with muddy water. Dust that was earlier hitting the homes, is washed away with water. Cans and jugs were placed along the corrugated iron roofs and water will be abundant for the next days. It will be used for washing and the work of rebuilding the adobe walls that suffer and that will suffer during this rainy season.

A ray of light heralds the end of the storm. Within moments the rain stops and heat plumes rise from the ground. Soon arid and dusty land will be covered with green grass and flowers that had fallen asleep while waiting to relive the tropical rain. Life resumes, we leave the shelter, voices are head, we laugh, we call for our friends, we are reassured.


Bouassa has entered into the the rainy season



…and we still adamantly believe…


We believe people, not water, can change everything! When you sponsor
Well Drilling Project in Burkina Faso, Africa you’ll unlock the potential of an entire community! #Burkina


Bouassa’s goals:

  1. Promote access to water for the local population
  2. Help families and children in distress
  3. Develop economic activities in line with access to water
  4. Participate actively in the city’s “Community Development Plan”
  5. Raise awareness in economic management of water and sanitation
  6. Accompany children for better personal hygiene, reducing sickness