In a few days we will be leaving for Burkina Faso. We are really looking forward to going to Bouassa; we now have friends in the village and many other activities in Burkina Faso. Business projects within the field of sustainable development and the solidarity economy. But that is another story and this is not done within the framework of our non-profit.

Bouassa wellAll of that to say, our heart for this country and other countries in Africa, is not limited to Bouassa. In reality, what we do in this village, we hope to duplicate in many other villages in Africa!

But as they say, one thing at a time!

Right now, as far as far as Bouassa is concerned, we are in a waiting period… This financial mobilization phase is not the easiest phase… Prior to this phase, the “application phase” required us to gather all of the various documents and fill out endless application forms, staying extremely focused,… after several months of writing, calculating, performing studies, etc. everything stopped when we sent the applications to the various foundations that we have been working with and have built relationships with. At that point, you are left with the expectation and hope that the project will be selected … And this waiting period is lonnnnnnnnnngggggggg! Indeed, for many of the foundations, they take their decisions for grants in April, May and even one of them, in June. So for now, we wait. And as we wait, we continue to look for other sources of financing, just in case. And if we end up with more than the initial budget, no problem! We will attack another drilling project.



We believe people, not water, can change everything! When you sponsor Well Drilling Project in Burkina Faso, Africa you’ll unlock the potential of an entire community! #Burkina