In Africa, and Burkina Faso in particular, a glass of water is essential. It is an act of hospitality to offer a “foreigner” when they visit your house. Here is how things take place:

a glass of water“Ko ko, ko” – is shouted to inform the good people of the home of your arrival, as there isn’t necessarily a door to knock on when he enters the yard! “Is anyone home?” When you are invited to enter the home, you are offered a seat and are warmly welcomed. Then you are left alone a few moments until the head of the family joins you, followed by the mother or child carrying a tray on which we find a glass of water. Sometimes in villages in the bush, water is provided in a small metal or plastic bowl, but the approach is the same. Once you have been refreshed, welcoming words can be then uttered: “How are you? How is the family? How is your health? And the herd? How is work?” You will answer “things are ok” or if things are not going so well “Things could be worse.” Then it’s your turn to ask about the health, the family, the work, and the life of your host. All of this with as many warm handshakes as there are questions. A second glass of water will be available if you finish the first. Then the head of the family will ask you the question “What is the news?” And then, and only then, you can explain the reason of your visit.

Giving a glass of water in Africa is an essential act of hospitality. It meets a critical need; it is a real act of generosity, as water is sometimes scarce. Water should not go to waste, it is too precious. It is a gift, a gift from heaven, a gift of men for their house guest. Water’s ultimate purpose is to create that connection. And when there isn’t any, then, for many it is certainly that the gods have abandoned the village.

In order to keep the people of Burkina Faso smiling, as a sign of their wonderful hospitality,
we believe …


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