Even if we firmly hope that Phase 2 of the Bouassa project will be fully funded by the foundations where we have submitted applications, it is still true that we need your help! Indeed, we need the small amounts of money that are mobilized through individual donations to enable us to move forward with the people of Bouassa and show them that we are still very present! For example, the donations we received for Phase 1, not including the grants, were used to buy rice for the children, or to buy some mango trees that were planted on the site. And we still want to continue to plant trees and fence in the garden. This demonstrates to the people in Bouassa that we are still very committed and that the time it’s taking to fund Phase 2 is not a sign of losing interest. We also want to continue to buy rice for the local children. It is also important to know that part of the overall budget should be covered by these individual donations. This demonstrates to the Foundations that our non-profit charity is really getting their network involved…

In short, if I explain all of this this to you, it is because I would ask you to consider making a small donation (or a big one!) via PayPal, or bank transfer (you have access to all necessary information on the http://bouassa.org/en  website). In return, you will receive an exquisite 2016 French calendar 🙂   (even if we are already near the end of the first quarter … there are still three quarters remaining , so it’s still worth it!


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We are counting on you, and no matter what you decide, thank you for standing with us and alongside our friends in Bouassa by reading and sharing our articles on our internet site or our Facebook page!

We still believe…


We believe people, not water, can change everything! When you sponsor Well Drilling Project in Burkina Faso, Africa you’ll unlock the potential of an entire community! #Burkina