If last week we did not have much to say about what is happening in Bouassa…today, we have a little more news… Séraphin Guigma, the head of the Rehoboth non-profit, and partner of the Bouassa project, as well pastor of the small Protestant parish in Bouassa, explained that despite the fact that funds for the remaining phases of the project had not yet been found, it was nevertheless true that the hand pump has stirred up a real momentum of initiatives that carries on more than a year after its inauguration in 2015!

So, in the last few days, some women in the neighborhood began to till a small patch of land to plant onions. This will be a very first step in the creation of the vegetable garden. At the same time, a young graduate without work, tutors 5 young people who study for the BEPC (A middle school diploma). He will be paid 40 € per month! But for him this is a real encouragement. Other ladies want to open a small food kiosk along the main street, right next to the small Protestant church. Unemployed young people still dream of starting a small brick-making unit (for each of these projects you can continue giving. You just need to specify what you want to support – tutoring, vegetable garden, brick making, kiosk, etc.)

The residents of the neighborhood, with Séraphin, created a job creation committee! They continue to take charge of their own development as we hope that soon Phase 2 of the project that includes a water tower and latrines can be set up. And in this vein, we have also continued to work on a grant application for the foundation of a large company that has construction sites in Burkina Faso. This same company, on International Woman’s Day, mobilized several of its employees in order to distribute soap and candy to the children in Bouassa! Bouassa is getting excited as momentum grows!


Giving away soap and Candy


First steps of the Family Vegetable Garden



…and we continue to believe:


We believe people, not water, can change everything! When you sponsor
Well Drilling Project in Burkina Faso, Africa you’ll unlock the potential of an entire community! #Burkina


Bouassa’s goals:

  1. Promote access to water for the local population
  2. Help families and children in distress
  3. Develop economic activities in line with access to water
  4. Participate actively in the city’s “Community Development Plan”
  5. Raise awareness in economic management of water and sanitation
  6. Accompany children for better personal hygiene, reducing sickness